Can I take my baby on an aeroplane?

If you gave birth less than 48 hours ago, you and your baby will not be not allowed to travel on an aeroplane. Babies between two and seven days old can fly.

Some airlines permit babies who are two days old to fly, whereas others will only allow babies who are at least two weeks old on board.

There are no specific regulations regarding this matter, so check with your airline before booking. In some cases, if your baby is less than two weeks old, you may be asked to provide a letter from your GP stating they are fit to fly. 

If you have given birth by caesarean section, you may not be allowed to fly until after your six-week postnatal check-up and if your GP gives you the all clear.

Travel safety

Most airlines charge 10% of the adult fare for a child under two years old to fly without a seat of their own. If you want your baby to have their own seat, it may cost 50-70% of the adult fare, but you should always check with the individual airline.

If you have booked your child a seat, you will also have to pre-book a travel cot or "sky cot" for them. These are usually only available on long-haul flights. Alternatively, you can arrange with the airline to bring a baby car seat with you. Very young children should not be allowed to sit in a normal adult aeroplane seat without a travel cot or equivalent.

You should avoid taking a baby to parts of the world where they might be exposed to diseases they are too young to be vaccinated against. For example, babies under the age of six months cannot receive a vaccination against yellow fever because of the risk of developing a brain infection (encephalitis), while babies under the age of two months cannot take anti-malaria tablets.

GOV.UK provides travel and health advice for different countries around the world.

Child passports

Remember that as the result of a change in the law, children can no longer travel on their parent's passport. You will need to apply for a passport for your baby if they are travelling to a foreign country with you.

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